New Mach racing geometry paired with supple and responsive DW-link suspension, MTB Carbon 6 Race X01 Eagle.

Pivot Mach 29 Bike Pro Enduro Completes

Mountain Bike Complete Pivot Mach 429sl 29 Pro
Mountain Bike Complete Pivot Mach 5.5 Pro
Mountain Bike Complete Pivot Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle
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Bike Pivot Mach 429 SL, 29 Pro, 29er Hardtail Cycling, MTB Completes

The 2018 Mach 429 SL keeps going with the geometry we understand and love, and the boosted chainstays of final year so you can cook dinner it into berms with the lush sense of 27.5+ wheels that previously might were balked at with the aid of the XC community. This rig gives you the power to switch to and fro on a whim among 29ers whilst you want to hit the trail on race day, and 27.5+ hoops that come up with a bit more squish, and super traction for sure-footed manipulate as you push beyond the overwhelmed course to uncharted terrain. To obtain this singletrack-to-backcountry versatility, the 429 SL makes use of new college racing geometry paired with supple and responsive DW-link suspension. Throwing these features collectively consequences in a experience that has extraordinarily quick, nimble handing, with plush travel to take in the rocks and roots along the way.

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Mountain Carbon Bike Pivot Mach 4 V2 Race X01 Eagle

Pivot Mach 4 V2 Race X01 Eagle

Bike Pivot Mach 429sl 29 Pro

Pivot Mach 429sl 29 Pro X01 Eagle

Bike Pivot Mach 429sl

Pivot Mach 429sl 27.5 Race X01 Eagle

Pivot Mach 429sl 29 Pro

429sl 29 Pro Xt

Bike Pivot Mach 429sl Frame

429 sl Frame

429sl 29 Race X01

429 sl 29 Race

Pivot 5.5 Carbon Series

The Mach 5.5 Carbon retains the sought-after blessings of the DW-link suspension platform, specifically the capacity to claw up the steepest, chunkiest climbs and soak up rectangular edges on the descent. once you've got reached the pinnacle of an extended climb, 5.5 inches of rear tour gobbles up chunky rocks as you demolish technical terrain with pace. Its all birthday party up the front with 6 inches of journey offering the self belief to break over something in sight, which include sections commonly reserved for longer tour enduro bikes. The 20mm disparity between front and rear tour gives you a chunk more efficiency for pedaling with extra plushness up the front for rallying throughout the rough stuff. Seeing as how the industry is continuously evolving, it makes sense to look the Mach 5.5 Carbon with slacker, longer and decrease geometry to satisfy riders in search of modern trail cycle that stays glued to the trail and keeps stability at excessive speeds.

Pivot Mach 5.5 First Look on

5.5 Pro X01 Eagle

5.5 Pro X01 Eagle

 5.5 Pro X01 Eagle Reynolds

5.5 Pro X01 Eagle Reynolds

 5.5 Pro Xt/xtr 1x

5.5 Pro Xt/xtr

Pivot DW-link

DW-link separates itself from other dual-link designs with its astounding rectangular-edged bump compliance, due to the initial rearward axle route. it's also completely energetic underneath braking, retaining your rear tire glued to the floor in hard terrain rather than chattering, and permitting you to brake later into corners to carry extra speed upon exiting. it is paired with a 160mm Fox fork up front, letting you to smash over the whole thing in sight with the prowess of a complete-blown enduro bike.

5.5 Pro Xtr Live Valve Reynolds

5.5 Pro Xtr Live Valve Reynolds

5.5 Race X01 Eagle

5.5 Race X01 Eagle

Bike5.5 Race Xt 1x

5.5 Race Xt 1x

5.5 Carbon Crew

Mach 5.5 Carbon crew XTR 1x complete Mountain bike represents a brand new college reincarnation of Pivots mythical Mach 5.7 Carbon. Its reinvigorated layout handles some thing the trail throws your way from chunky, rock-strewn climbs to blistering descents with square area hits, steep rock rolls and root-latticed singletrack simply begging for action. Pivot locations it firmly into the trail category with secondary cognizance on all mountain exploration.

Bike 5.5 Team Xtr 1x

5.5 Team Xtr

Bike 5.5 Team Xx1 Live Valve

Pivot Mach 5.5 Team Xx1 Live Valve

 Bike 5.5 Xtr 1x Anniversary Edition

5.5 Xtr Anniversary

 Bike Pivot Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle

6 Pro X01 Eagle

Bike Pivot Mach 6 Pro Xt 1x

Pivot Mach 6 Pro Xt

Bike Complete Pivot Phoenix Dh Zee

Pivot Phoenix Dh Zee

High Quality 27.5+ Switchblade

Pivot Switchblade Tester: Eric McKeegan Review
The Switchblade's high quality raise Plus 157mm rear axle adds 9mm to traditional raise axle spacing, bringing it up from 148mm to the gravity inspired 157mm. this modification adds more stiffness to the rear give up, even beyond that of boost spacing, makes for particularly stubby chainstays, and allows for a full 12-millimeters of tire clearance. this indicates the Switchblade can run a 27.5+ or 29in wheel, tucked up near the seat tube, with mere sixteen. 85in chainstays, all the at the same time as keeping a Q-thing normally discovered in 5in path bikes.

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Bike Pivot Switchblade 275 Pro Xt/xtr 1x

Switchblade 27.5 Pro

Bike Pivot Switchblade 275 Race X01 Eagle

Switchblade 27.5 Race X01 Eagle

Mountain  Complete  Switchblade 275 Race Xt

Switchblade 275 Race Xt

Switchblade 29 Pro X01 Eagle

Switchblade 29 Pro Eagle

Switchblade 29 Race X01 Eagle

Switchblade 29 Race 2018

Switchblade 29 Race Xt bike

Switchblade 29 Race Xt

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The Mach 6 Carbon kicks the pinnacle tube lower back to a greater stable 65. seventy five levels, and the bike's reach and wheelbase get stretched out a chunk, too. Descending, you will be aware that you're feeling more "in" in place of "on" the cycle. The longer and slacker treatment makes the bike rally down excessive pace sections and technical terrain with the self belief typically reserved for DH cycles and twin crown forks

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